Six in the City Tool Kit


Learn How to Hold Your Own Meetup by downloading our Tool Kit below and gaining access to all the tools you need to host a Six Words meet-up. Start with our Toolkit Instructions document for simple, step-by-step instructions from using the tools we provide, to managing your event and spreading the word!

An important part of Six in the City are the meet-ups found in communities, neighborhoods and cultural pockets in your area. This sample package for how a gathering at a food/drink scene could go (be it at a restaurant to your own home) is merely a jumping-off point. Think of the people you know and the places you go that would enable a creative, passionate and conversational meet-up. Use this guide, along with the downloadable toolkit (above) to help create the Six in the City: Columbus event that’s ideal for you and your group.

Meetup Package/Timeframe: Food & Drink

What you will need:

  • Group of engaged, creative and interactive people
  • Setting suitable for your group (coffee shops, breweries, kitchens, etc.)
  • Tables/chairs, paper, pens/markers
  • Six-Word Memoir examples and prompts
  • Optional: Food, drink, music, additional activities 

Meetup Break Down (1 hour):

Meetup lengths can easily be condensed or expanded. Not sure? Get in touch, and we’ll help you figure out what will work best for you. 

1-15 minutes: Let your group be a little late. Gather and schmooze. Set the tone for the meetup.

16-19 minutes: Welcome everyone and explain Six in the City: Columbus.

Provide a brief overview of the project and meetup (by either the meetup organizer or an SITC ambassador). Be sure to emphasize that this is a citywide project in which people share six-word stories about Columbus. Encourage people to share their sixes on social media during and after the event (for a list of handles and tags, see below).

20-29 minutes: First prompt! Pass out the paper and pens and walk them through the process.

What’s your Six-Word Memoir? Can you describe your life — one part or all of it — in six words? Look for examples to suit your group at

30-39 minutes: Second prompt! Encourage your group to think of their backstories and how to bring them down to six words.

What’s Your Six-Word Columbus Story? Can you describe Columbus in six words? Your own passions and purpose here; your neighborhood; why you came and stayed; your hopes for what Columbus will be in the future?

40-49 minutes: Third prompt! Specific prompt based on your scene.

If your scene is about food or drink, sample prompts might be about Columbus’ taste profile, the best meal in Columbus, being a bartender in Columbus, or the like. (A faith-based meetup, classroom workshop or other scene would, of course, suggest very different prompts.)

50-60 minutes: Thank the participants and encourage hanging out and talking about their stories.

After: Share your Sixes

It’s easy to share your sixes on social media. Please encourage people to do so!

  • Instagram: Snap a picture and post your #SixWordSelfie to Instagram and tag @sixwordselfie.
  • Twitter: Use the tag #SixWordsCbus and include @SixWords
  • Facebook:

Why Hold a Six in the City Meetup?

  • Customers/patrons who get to know one another have a closer connection to the business
  • Business/customers become part of a larger citywide, community initiative
  • Meetups will be included in the Six in the City: Columbus blog, social media and press materials
  • Develop a deeper approach to capturing the stories of Columbus as a city and of its residents.